What does the food that prevents cancer have? What should notice on food? _ cate the world

What does the food that prevents cancer have? What should notice on food?

2019-01-25 17:19:00

Respecting cancer, always talk become angry, a lot of people feel cancer is cured very hard, diffuse when cancer especially when, cancer serves as a kind of serious illness, constitute huge menace to the person’s life. Below, small make up recommend a few worlds for everybody accepted most the food that fight cancer.

One, what does the food that prevents cancer have

1, unpolished rice

Unpolished rice cortex contains rich element doing phenol, have the very good effect that fight cancer, still have Kang fungus and the effect that prevent prostate cancer and breast cancer.

2, yam

The nutrient value of yam is very high, contain rich prandial fiber to conduce to the peristalsis that bowel, can toxin of eduction human body, still can prevent constipation, avoid the occurrence of colonic cancer. Additional, yam still contains a kind of special and active material, can restrain the growth of cancer cell.

3, orange

Orange can say the whole body is treasure, the flesh and skin have very good officinal value, there is material in fresh mandarin orange orange juice among them, can restrain what break cellular cancer with block to grow.

Meal of medlar yam unpolished rice

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Can pregnant woman eat sweet potato? _ cate the world

Can pregnant woman eat sweet potato?

2018-09-06 14:35:09

Taro is the beautiful with autumn winter nourishing preserve one’s health is tasted, can says winter preserve one’s health eats vegetable surely. Taro mouthfeel delicacy, continous is sweet sweet glutinous, and nutrition is rich, contain a lot ofstarch and vitamin. We view the dietotherapy action of taro below.

One, the dietotherapy action of taro

1, alexipharmic detumescence

Taro contains a kind of mucous protein, immune globulin can arise after be being absorbed by human body, or call antibody globulin, can increase the strength of airframe.

2, adjust soda acid balance

Taro is basic provision, can counteract the acidity material of the stockpile inside body, adjust the soda acid of human body to balance, produce the effect of hair of beautiful appearance, black, still can use hydrochloric acid in gastric juice of prevention and cure to cross much disease.

Taro of steaky pork stew

3, move the gas in filling

Taro contains rich mucous saponin, reach a variety of microelement, the physiology that can help airframe correct microelement lack to bring about is unusual, at the same time can stomachic, help aid digestion. In thinking taro can benefit, enrage.

4, clean tine prevents caries

What taro place contains is mineral in, the content of fluorine is higher, have clean tine to defend the caries, action that protects a tooth.

5, hairdressing black hair

Taro is basic provision, can counteract the acidity material of the stockpile inside body, coordinate the soda acid balance of human body, achieve hairdressing to raise colour, the effect of pitch-black hair, still can use hydrochloric acid in gastric juice of prevention and cure overmuch.

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The effect reducing weight of hawkthorn reachs the world of note _ cate

The effect reducing weight of hawkthorn reachs a note

2018-02-26 14:09:15

Hawkthorn is the common fruit in the life, can be born feed, OK also bubble water is drunk, officinal value is very good, but appetizing also can reduce weight, so, what meritorious service does hawkthorn still have? What should notice when eating hawkthorn?

One, the effect of hawkthorn and action

1, hawkthorn can fall fat reduces weight

Hawkthorn in this kind of fruit not only contain rich fruit acid, still a few is decompose enzymatic, after people edible hawkthorn, can increase the digestive capacity of intestines and stomach already, also can accelerate decompose adiposely inside human body with metabolization, reduce fat to write down in the stockpile inside human body, , the happening that can reduce tall blood fat effectively odds, also can have certain effect reducing weight at the same time.

2, hawkthorn can prevent cancer

Hawkthorn contains element of a kind of distinctive male chaste tree in this kind of fruit, after this kind of material is absorbed by human body, can restrain effectively inferior the generation of the carcinogen such as nitric acid amine and yellow aspergillus element, can protect a cell not to suffer cancer virus to invade, prevent cellular canceration, reduce cancer cell to generate with second birth, because hawkthorn of this people edible can prevent cancer, also can use at the auxiliary cure of cancer, can control an illness, precautionary cancer is exasperate.

Sesame seed puts sugarcoated haws on a stick on the ice

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Trichomadesis season comes! Dietotherapy subtle move teachs you to walk out of the world of cate of trichomadesis predicament _

Trichomadesis season comes! Dietotherapy subtle move teachs you to walk out of trichomadesis predicament

2017-06-14 17:50:14

Present life pressure also is jumped over big, trichomadesis this phenomenon is shown in more and more crowds come out. What trichomadesis fathered to affect a person again is beautiful, it is the pain spot in a lot of popular feeling. The hair that has some of young, middleaged person especially is sparse, caused the too anile symptom such as bald, so come through daily life dietotherapy?

Eat cereal more

Trichomadesis patient eats vegetable to prevent constipation more. Want to insist to eat cereal more, fruit. If vegetable is absorbed,decrease, cause constipation easily and ” flyblown blood ” , affect hair quality, got haemorrhoid to still can quicken the lose one’s hair of ministry of the top of head.

Compensatory iron is qualitative

The patient wants much more compensatory iron to pledge. The expert says, iron often may is short of inside the human body of trichomadesis. Eat more contain the food with much iron to be like soya bean, black soya bean, egg kind, hairtail, shrimp, ripe earthnut, spinach, carp, banana, carrot, potato.

Compensatory vegetable protein

The person of trichomadesis wants protein of much more compensatory vegetable. The hair is sere, send tip fission, can eat the food such as soja, black sesame seed, corn more.

Contain the fresh vegetable of basic material and fruit

Trichomadesis person should eat the fresh vegetable that contains basic material and fruit more. Because there is acidity toxin in blood,one of elements that trichomadesis and hair become yellow are, the reason is physical strength and spirit excessive exhaustion, long-term surfeit pure saccharide and adipose kind of food, make acerbity toxin produces in process of the metabolization inside body. Liver kind, the flesh kind, the acidity material in the food such as onion causes the sick at heart in blood easily toxin is overmuch, want to eat less so.

Compensatory iodine is qualitative

The burnish of the hair and thyroid action are concerned, filling iodine can enhance thyroid exudation function, be helpful for a hair strong and handsome. Can eat the food such as kelp, laver, oyster more.

Compensatory vitamin E

Vitamin E can resist hair is anile, stimulative segmentation, make hair grows. Can eat bright lettuce, cabbage, black sesame seed to wait more.

Give birth to nigrescent beans

Black soya bean 500 grams, water 1000 milliliter (the summer measures) with 1/4 each. black soya bean abluent, put into earthenware pot, add water, with slow fire infusion, to leach bean full bilge to spend. Take out black soya bean next, scatter fine salt a few, lay aside within porcelain vase. Every time 6 grams, daily the edible after 2 meals, warm boiled water sends. This just has unripe hair to protect the effect of hair.

Hunger can reduce the world of cate of dead hormone _

Hunger can reduce dead hormone

2017-06-01 13:35:25

Hunger can reduce dead hormone

It is easy that food is gotten to become in current mankind, apparent reductive circumstance issues the intensity of physical strength and mental work, the metabolization kind that human body forms in developmental process did not produce marked change however. And of the food temptation, lifestyle that is not nature and athletic quantity decrease, make human Sunday run runs wait for natural attribute and fitness to appear degrade. Energy is absorbed be more than defray is fat the prime cause that waits for metabolization sex disease to be sent high.

Study a proof, below hungry condition, the person’s pituitary can reduce the exudation of dead hormone, promote airframe to decompose the adipose organization that is not significant position, change into glycogen, energy, maintain the basic need of the vitals such as cerebrum and life activity. And the pressure that challenges the life and job, hold measurable hungry position, be developed adequately and use brain, maintain the moving unobstructed of digestion, it is the gist that obtains healthy, long life and joy.

Balance of pass in and out is the most principal

Although a day of 3 eat can make protein digestive absorptivity is achieved 85% (taller than a day of two eat 10% ) , but the labor intensity that alimental absorbs frequency and quantity to need fibrous root occupies an individual is decided with body metabolization type, should insist to go out namely (use up) into (take food) the principle of relative balance. To the intellectual, maintain measurable hunger and mental pulling force, it is the first element that invokes life vigor. And reduce weight the basiccest method is the habits and customs that the change eats to be moved less more. The food with a bit low energy eats when hunger, or have mental work or see book study, can restrain a parasympathetic nerve, reduce hungry feeling.

Do not miss! Summerly fruit has the world of cate of 4 treasure _ first

Do not miss! Summerly fruit has 4 treasure first

2017-05-09 13:36:00

Chu Xia is the season with a lot of mature fruits, include loquat, cherry, Yang Mei, green plum the season with 4 kinds of mature fruits, their configuration but person, colour and lustre value of happy person, nutrition is high, the summer at the beginning of it may be said ” 4 treasure ” .

Loquat — carotene content is richer

Loquat homophonic lute, actually its get a name to also be like lute musical instrument to concern with fruit appearance! The comparison that loquat cultivates in our country south is much, with general fruit different is, it blossoms in the autumn or Chu Dong, and had matured to Chu Xia in spring, because this is called ” have alone in fruit tree the enrage person of the four seasons ” .

Loquat has two kinds, one kind is red meat loquat, one kind is loquat of plain boiled pork, be just like the flesh kind the cent of medium red meat and plain boiled pork.

The candy cent in loquat is given priority to with fructose, also be loquat sweet main source, and comparing is the watermelon that abounds with fructose content likewise tall still, fructose is all candy in sweet degree highest, the speed of elevatory nevertheless blood sugar wants than dextrose a few slower, to diabetic person character is advantageous undoubtedly. Content of the Potassium in loquat is rich, potassium and natrium are a pair ” also enemy Yi You ” partner, the hypertensive respect that tall Potassium food brings about to because tall salt is prandial,be being balanced but distinguish oneself! Loquat, especially of red meat loquat inspect Huang Chun equivalent to be in common fruit be among the best of candidates, be about the same with mango, to eyesight protection has profit greatly. Besides loquat still has fair officinal value, lung having profit, relieve a cough, stop thirsty function, “Loquat of tendril-leaved fritillary bulb creams ” be a kind of everybody’s hep Chinese traditional medicine agent.

Loquat of choose and buy fizzles out with peel orange, fluff is complete, mature, do not have Chinese olive for beautiful, and eat loquat must flay, pit cannot edible, because immature or peel pit is medium,contain bitter almond glucoside, have certain noxiousness. Mature loquat also does not suggest to eat too much, 1-2 can.

Syrup loquat

Cherry — content of tomato red element is richer

Cherry configuration is lovely, colour and lustre but person, acid is sweet dainty, edible is convenient, can says is the masses lover in the fruit, all often love less! More delectable is, as the typical delegate of brunet vegetables and fruits, the nutrient value of cherry is very high. The tomato Gong Suhan in cherry measures more general fruit to abound, have fight oxidation, defer it is anile, certain to have even the action that fight cancer. In the mineral Potassium content in cherry and fruit famous ” the ace that contain potassium ” the potassium content difference of banana is not quite much, very helpful to stabilizing blood pressure. As similar as the loquat in 3 sisters, huang Chun is inspected in cherry equivalent is very rich also, to protecting vision, enhance immune power helpful.

A lot of people think red food has very good filling iron effect, think cherry also is filling iron ace so. Actually this is an error. Medium iron content considers cherry tall far from, far wait for animal sex food as blood of pork liver, pig, lean lean, ratio of photograph of the spinach in even if and plant sex food, agaric is apart from very big also, as about the same as the fruit such as apple, peach. More unfortunate is, the iron in plant sex food is dominant with be not iron of blood red element, normal person is very low to the digestive absorptivity of this kind of iron, so cherry fills iron no matter ” quantity ” or ” qualitative ” , fluky, filling iron still must need animal sex food to help.

Clew: When picking cherry, should choose skin in good condition without alveolus, full endure with all one’s might not soft tender, belt wears what straighten if really. Cherry not heat-resisting, the cherry that does not eat had better be put in the safe of freezer to store, in order to maintain fresh and tender mouthfeel.

Spring preserve one’s health raises a heart the world of cate of optimal food _

Spring preserve one’s health raises a heart optimal food

2017-04-20 17:25:46

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks the five internal organs matchs 5 kinds, and of heart correspondence is gules. Spring is the optimal season that raises a heart, eat red food more can conserve heart, raise force of human body immunity to resist the bacteria is opposite of the body invade.

One, carrot

Can be united in wedlock with the mercuric ion in blood, reduce concentration of ion of the mercury in blood effectively, prevent virulent mercuric ion to enter a heart along with blood, all also be the very effective food that protect a heart, rich vitamin A can prevent cancer, the freedom inside cleared body base, modern research discovers among them Hu Luobo element has diminish inflammation, antiseptic effect, can enhance strength of menses human body low, prevent bacterial infection.

Proposal: Best with the flesh kind fry together absorb with benefit vitamin A, not with wine at the same time edible.

Carrot egg roll

Eat earmuffs food to defer audition to drop _ cate the world

Eat earmuffs food to defer audition to drop

2017-02-22 13:32:18

According to concerning medical data statistic, old person of 65 years old of above has 75% to contract disease of the tinnitus of different level, deaf. If suffer from certain chronic, be like the person of diabetic, hypertensive disease and cardiovascular system disease, this kind of proportion is higher. So, when our shortly will enter senile range, might as well adopt a few corresponding precautionary measures, pass dietary recuperation, can defer what audition drops to happen.

Want to choose to contain the food with rich iron more

Notice the complement of iron element, prevent effectively and defer the happening of old people tinnitus, deaf. The crowd of 45 years old of above, be about to pay attention to the complement of iron.

The provision that contains iron to abound basically has hemp of skin of laver, dried small shrimps, jellyfish, black agaric, black soya bean, Hei Zhi, caraway, day lily to wait.

Soup of bean curd of laver dried small shrimps

Want much complement to contain the food with rich zinc

Although zinc is contained inside body the amount is very small, but its effect is very big. Consider to make clear, zinc is short of inside the human body that has the old people of tinnitus deaf to have close 1/3, the crowd of 45 years old of above should assure to absorb 15 milligram zinc everyday, such ability maintain the balance of element of the zinc inside body.

The food that contains zinc to abound has animal liver, coarse food grain, nut, egg kind, holothurian, oyster.

Want to notice complement contains a lot ofthe food of the vitamin

E of vitamin C, vitamin has raise human body branch to change enzymatic intention, of stimulative oxygen use, improve the hematic flow of end, can rise to protect the action of inner ear. These elements basically are contained in all sorts of green vegetable and orange, walnut, earthnut, want to often eat to go at ordinary times only.

Vitamin D can promote the human body absorption to calcium, medicine considers to discover, a lot of old people that have tinnitus, have affinity with the calcic lack in blood. This kind of element basically is contained in animal liver, egg kind, in dawdle, tremella.

Additional, old people notices to eat a few invigorate the circulation of blood to digest Yu, outspread hemal food even, be helpful for improving haemal sticky consistency, make unobstructed of auditive end capillary. Want to change undesirable habit, smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline is restricted wine, do not want the card games of all night until dawn, had not eaten salty icky food.

Spring eats the right season or time of bamboo shoots in spring to have benefit heroic spirit but the stomach is cold person should take _ cate the world less

Spring eats the right season or time of bamboo shoots in spring to have benefit heroic spirit but the stomach is cold person should eat less

2017-02-07 17:56:10

Bamboo shoots in spring is fragile tender delicious, can chew a faint scent and Gan Chun to come, be known as ” maigre the first article ” , suffer people to love fully from of old, guest of bookman Chinese ink and epicure praise greatly to it, have ” bamboo shoots in spring of path of all without exception of have a taste of what is just in season ” say. If say carnivorous person low, eat just in time of bamboo shoot criterion contrary. The flavour of bamboo shoot is such elegant meaningful. Su Dongpo ever: “Do not have bamboo criterion common, without the flesh thin, if want not common is not thin also, every day bamboo shoot boils the flesh. Every day bamboo shoot boils the flesh..


Soup of bean curd of bamboo shoots in spring

Flavour of bamboo shoots in spring is delicate and fresh and tender, nutrition is rich, the nutrition that contains protein of enough moisture, vegetable, adipose, saccharide, many carotene and vitamin B, C, E and the human body such as calcic, phosphor, iron to need becomes cent and microelement, among them content is higher is cellulose, amino acid.

Bamboo shoots in spring is beautiful greens or fine medicine not only, clinical research discovers the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, sex of pleasant of flavour of bamboo shoots in spring is cold,

Fleshy of body of bamboo shoot of bamboo shoots in spring, delicate tastily, nutrition is rich, but meat or fish but element. The method is different, gust also each different, fry, stew, boil, cook over a slow fire all becomes cate.

What nutrition value does bamboo shoots in spring have?

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine points out, taking bamboo shoots in spring also is a of spring good choice, have the energy of life of a kind of unripe hair, can invigorate courage.

Bamboo shoot is the tender bud that bamboo unripe hair comes out, before doing not have break ground, tibet is in earth pudgy, grow simple and honestly, that is winter bamboo shoots. Once break ground, graceful, bamboo shoot of incognito caterwaul.

Bamboo shoots in spring is to slant as before on pharmacodynamics Yu Han is cool, but the energy of life that it has a kind of unripe hair, can invigorate courage. Take a bamboo shoots in spring also is spring good option so, tender bamboo shoot head, if seafood is general white bright have sweet little taste.

But if somebody taste is original with respect to Xu Han, have bit of old stomach trouble, for instance erosion sex gastritis, gastric ulcer is waited a moment. Liver belongs to wood, taste belongs to earth, take bamboo shoots in spring more, harmed taste instead. If you are such circumstance fitly, greediness bamboo shoots in spring, eat with respect to bamboo shoot of the stew that make oil, put bamboo shoot into boiler namely in fry quickly, add stew of sauce braise in soy sauce to do moisture next. Such with respect to take out one part cold sex. If there is oven in the home, included bamboo shoot tinfoil, put in oven to bake ripe, taste is good also, same take out one part cold sex.

Even if is such, bamboo shoot although taste is good, also cannot resemble shepherd’s purse in that way engorge. There is the oxalic acid of difficult dissolve inside bamboo shoots in spring, can cause irritability rhinitis, dermatitis, urticaria. When taking bamboo shoot to fry other edibles to eat, put bamboo shoot in brine to boil 10 minutes first, went again acerbity gas, besides oxalic acid.

The person of allergic constitution, avoid by all means eats bamboo shoots in spring and seafood together. Once allergic, be afraid of is very difficult clear away.

The life is little subtle move, drink a cup of hot cocoa to warm the body defends the world of costive _ cate in the winter

The life is little subtle move, drink a cup of hot cocoa to warm the body prevents constipation in the winter

2016-12-30 17:20:53

It is easier that winter compares the summer constipation, because existence enrages difference in temperature between different season,be, the change after food enters human body also differs somewhat. Winter for cold-resistant, human body needs changeover of food more ground to be energy, in order to maintain normal temperature, right now, human body can be adjusted become the constitution with easy adipose combustion, people appears more easily in winter costive symptom.


Heat up cocoa

Winter eats tepid food more

Although water divides inadequacy and athletic inadequacy to be able to bring about constipation, but actually abrupt temperature change brings about blood of whole body of abdominal catch cold catch cold, influence just is to bring about the reason with the biggest constipation circularly, eat icy food or dress wait too less to make possibly abdominal catch cold catch cold, blood circulates not free can hamper alvine path moves, bring about bad bacterium to increase, cause constipation. Accordingly, winter wants to prevent constipation to ought to avoid to eat food of raw or cold food, have lukewarm sex, warmth more feed capable person.

Winter drinks a cup of hot cocoa to warm the body prevents constipation

In cold winter, a cup of hot cocoa can be warm the body of people, in the meantime, the sweet taste in cocoa also can let a person produce cheerful feeling. A cup of hot cocoa not only the moisture content that can lack in compensatory human body, at the same time can warm intestines and stomach, adjust environment of intestines and stomach. In addition, the lignin that contains in cocoa is had increase the result of good bacterium inside alvine path, and the rich and prandial fiber that contains in cocoa also can prevent and improve constipation.

The cocoa drink that sells on the market has contain candy and the component that do not contain sugar, choose not to have the cocoa drink of candy as far as possible, the honey with proper rejoin flavors to be able to be brought to the body more cheerful experience. Drink of the cocoa that add candy ought to be controlled everyday be in a cup, the cocoa that do not have candy criterion everyday but drinkable two cups. Needing to notice in addition is, a few canister install cocoa to may have added polysaccharide to divide, if everyday drinkable bring about body oedema possibly even, aggravating instead constipation. Because this had better choose not to have the cocoa of candy, oneself add a few candy cent to flavor appropriately, not only can stimulate intestines and stomach, can prevent constipation more.